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The Handbag Invasion

Posted on 11 November 2016

I’ve just had an argument with the other half for going through my handbag for something as relatively insignificant as a set of house keys. Was this not part of the marriage vows: thou shall never peek into my handbag? Was he completely oblivious of this clause in our conceptual, yet in my mind concrete, pre-nup? Or was it me, as he claimed, behaving irrationally in my fierce resistance of this invasion?  

But it seems I’m in good company. It was towards the end of the 19th century that handbags as we know them came into being. The first ones were merely pretty pouches used for carrying non-consequential essentials, but not money: it was men who then had real earning power. Easier and more accessible means of travel was the reason bags began coming into their own. These new wave of bags were less flimsy, more practical and (this bit I like!) snapped shut.

Historian Anna Johnson states, ‘Men, who had long carried a lady’s fan or her money, were supplanted by increasingly practical, brilliantly structured bags, and they have been mystified and excluded by the handbag ever since.’

Me, I like a nice visible clasp on a handbag, so my favourites in this lot are the D&G Miss Linda bag (use discount code DGWelcome on all D&G handbags, offer available for a limited time only!) and the Furla Mini Crossbody handbag.

How did the argument end, I hear you asking? He cooked dinner. ‘Nuff said.

Do you feel the same way about your bag? Do let us know which bag in this collection is your favourite by sending us your comments.

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